About Katz Group

About Katz Group

Rigorously Protecting Client’s Intellectual Property and Business Interests

Katz Group was founded by Julie A. Katz, who represents clients in a broad range of intellectual property fields, providing:

  • Representation at the United States Patent and Trademark Office before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board;
  • Trademark prosecution and licensing transactions;
  • Strategic advice for brand protection and development;
  • Counseling on social networking, e-commerce and internet law;
  • Development of trade secret protection plans;
  • Due diligence support in the sale or acquisition of intellectual property assets;
  • Design and implementation of international trademark protection strategies;
  • Representation and guidance for alternative dispute resolution in intellectual property disputes;
  • Representation in federal court litigation, trials and appeals; and
  • Representation of clients in alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

Prior to founding Katz Group, Julie was a partner at the independent intellectual property law firm Welsh & Katz, Ltd. and the general practice firm Husch Blackwell, LLP.

A Client-Centered Service Philosophy

Julie sees her role as that of a counselor. With a deep understanding of IP law and enforcement strategies, backed by successful litigation outcomes on numerous high-profile infringement cases, she rigorously protects her clients’ business interests.

In addition, Julie uses a menu of fixed fees for services, based on the complexity of each service rather than the time increment billing preferred by many law firms. A fixed fee approach minimizes budget uncertainties, enabling clients to better predict and plan for the legal services Julie provides. Appropriate in transactional practice and in litigation, fixed fees also serve to increase the flow of communication between Julie and her client.

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