Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

IP Litigation: To Protect and Enforce

Delivering Global Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement

It could be the technology on which you built your company or an innovation at the heart of a new product launch. It could be a promising drug development in an emerging area of medicine or an established brand name expanding to new international markets. In short, it’s an innovation or a product line of critical importance to you, your business and to sustaining your share of the marketplace. You put energy, equity and a good amount of your ego into creating and unveiling your innovation. Now, you need an experienced intellectual property professional to protect and enforce your IP rights in the US and around the world.

Companies and entrepreneurs rely on Julie A. Katz for their global IP protection and enforcement needs. With more than 20 years of global and domestic IP portfolio management and litigation experience, Julie focuses exclusively on identifying, defining and maximizing her clients’ intellectual property rights.

Julie works with clients to develop aggressive enforcement procedures and programs that accomplish defined goals. These programs monitor IP portfolios and are used to confirm that each client’s IP is used properly and effectively. When opportunities arise to expand her clients’ IP rights, Julie negotiates and drafts licenses and other transactional agreements relating to IP assets.

On those occasions where an even more aggressive stance must be taken to enforce her clients’ IP rights, Julie brings her litigation experience to work for her clients. She has successfully litigated disputes covering a broad spectrum of products and industries, including:

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