Small Business Owners

Small Business Owners

Small Business Owners

Katz Group regularly assists small business owners with a variety of intellectual property issues. As a small business owner herself, Julie Katz fully understands the challenges you face in nurturing and maintaining your business — while keeping sales humming along, employees engaged, and customers and clients satisfied.

So here is how we work.

We don’t begin charging you for legal services when we answer the phone.

We listen. We ask good questions. We work with you to formulate a plan. We negotiate a cost to implement the plan. We execute against that plan to accomplish your business objectives.

Here are examples of the common issues we help small business owners address:

Securing trademark and/or copyright protection: There is nothing worse than to have launched a successful product or service line with a catchy brand name and then receive a “cease and desist” order from another company — which is claiming you are infringing one or more of their trademarks or copyrights. We help companies and start-ups secure trademark and copyright protection so they can confidently enter markets with their goods and services.

Website reviews: Is your website targeting the audience you want?  Do you own all the images and text on the site or does the designer of the site?  Have you visited competitors’ websites only to be surprised to find how eerily similar their text is to yours?  Or maybe the images are similar or the same?  We help business owners to protect their online presence.

Protecting client mailing lists and other sensitive company information: Sometimes business partners go their separate ways — or key employees leave. Only later do you discover they launched a competing business and have taken several of your top clients or customers. We have helped businesses protect their most valuable assets from “walking out the door” when employees leave or business partners split up. 

Strengthening your business contracts: We work with businesses to ensure that their purchase order and supply agreements protect their logos, trademarks and artwork from being used by vendors and suppliers.

Katz Group protects the interests of small business owners.

Contact Julie Katz today to see how we can help accomplish your business objectives.